TMC space crunch

When I visited Thomson Medical Centre last year for a tour, the first thing that I realised was that TMC was rather small compared to other hospitals. The walkways at some areas were narrow and the ground floor was cluttered. I don’t remember the management discussing about this issue until as recent as last month.

In an interview with CIMB last month, TMC’s CEO and CFO touched on the space constraints of TMC and their plans to address this issue. The CFO said that to accommodate more specialists in TMC, it has to expand. The CEO added that the government has been consulted about getting a suitable site nearby or somewhere within the medical belt area. TMC is also downsizing the kitchen area to free up space for 2 more operating theatres and around 2 delivery rooms.

I certainly hope that TMC will get hold of a suitable area to expand to quickly if it wants to attract more patients and be the runaway leader in the obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) sector. TMC is already doing very well and this is the only gripe I have about this business.

Author: Sudhan P

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