One thought on “Are we looming towards another crisis?”

  1. I thought its gonna be a dreadful 46 mins, luckily its not, rather, its very fulfilling.

    I like the part when they show Bush saying that to realise the American Dream, the govt must show support, and by doing so, the Bush administration actually created Freddie and Fannie and indirectly making loans to those who have not reached a certain benchmark to borrow.

    In fact, the video concur with those 2 reasons and just like the subprime crisis, signs of it happening was during a bull run and much earlier before the bubble burst. its at this point of time that we need to be extra careful as during a bull run, nobody believes in the crap you say like what Mr. David Walker has mentioned in the video.

    For reading pleasure, sub prime crisis started in august 2007, slightly more than a year when Lehman Brothers collapse and AIG got nationalised.

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