Pay yourself first

How many of you pay your bills, household expenses and daily expenses first and save the rest? Or should you save first and use the rest of the money to pay your bills, etc? Most of us work 42 hours each week and that amounts to 168 hours each month. You have slogged so much … Continue reading Pay yourself first

Opportunity abound among the crisis

On March 11, an earthquake that measured 9.0 on the Richter Scale rocked Japan. A massive tsunami ensued after that. A nuclear plant was also damaged, spewing radioactive materials into the atmosphere. This has caused massive fear in the stock market. The STI dropped from 3075 points on 10th March to 2935 points on 18th … Continue reading Opportunity abound among the crisis

Warren Buffett Interview – 2nd March 2011

Warren Buffett was interviewed in CNBC's Squawk Box on 2nd March 2011 and Part 1 of the interview can be found at There are a total of 7 parts. All the parts can be found at this blog at I would post some of the questions and answers of the topics that I found interesting … Continue reading Warren Buffett Interview – 2nd March 2011