How a salaried employee became a millionaire?

A few days ago, I went for a talk on "Path to Financial Freedom" by Dennis Ng. It was actually a free preview for his workshops but one could learn a thing or two from the preview. He has been featured in many local newspapers and TV shows and writes for MyPaper every alternate Wednesday. What … Continue reading How a salaried employee became a millionaire?

Invested in the darkest days of 2008/2009?

Let's imagine you can predict the market with 101% accuracy. Let's also imagine that you are the epitome of bravery and invested exactly at the lowest point of the stock market during the financial crisis recently. Even though Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham combined cannot achieve such a wonderful feat, you have done so! … Continue reading Invested in the darkest days of 2008/2009?

Artivision or Dudivision?

Many who have been following the stock market closely since May would know about Artivision. They released a news on 15th May saying the company has made a Facebook application called Advision which is a revenue-sharing application that displays advertisement on videos and still photographs uploaded by users of Facebook. The share price has been volatile for … Continue reading Artivision or Dudivision?

Value investing is BOOORRINNGGG!!!

Value investing is boring! I can hear some of you shouting "HELL YEAH!". It's boring because sometimes we need to wait for eons before our investment reaches the intrinsic value. It's boring because we don't get instant gratification and prices take a long time to move (I know you are thinking about Kingsmen!). It's boring … Continue reading Value investing is BOOORRINNGGG!!!