2 thoughts on “Warren Buffett’s Biography from Biography Channel”

  1. one of the greatest investor of all times, however i don’t really believe his methods work perfectly in today world. Not everyone could be like him, patience, logical and passion in uncover undervalue companies. Beside, the day of industries is going away, most of the company he invest has reach it potential earning example like coca cola, geico, amex and so on. In today world, technology and social media is the growth stock. It is risking though, as no one could stay on top of it game for long, look at Nokia, Sony, Microsoft and recently Facebook record losses. Unless you are “Tony Stark” in iron man or maybe the next Steve job,

    That is just my 2cent thought, correct me if i am wrong, as i am in learning process like all of people do. Thank :)

  2. Hi joker,

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Technology and social media may have growth now but these companies in the tech sector are prone to being obsolete quickly. Just like you said, Nokia is nowhere now. Warren Buffett likes businesses that are predictable. Technology is not predictable.

    Yes, companies like Coca Cola might have reached their potential but that doesn’t mean it’s reflected in the stock price. Once market crash comes, the stock will be beaten down too. That’s the time to buy. Also, these kind of companies may still have potential in the emerging markets. In the US, they may have limited growth but Coke sells to the world. This is what I feel. Cheers!

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