Investing in US-listed Businesses

The following is a guest post by Chong Ser Jing. He is a blogger at Motley Fool and his posts can be accessed at Investing in stocks in a foreign country often brings about some fear due to geographical and cultural unfamiliarity with the companies. There is a common behavioural bias for people to invest … Continue reading Investing in US-listed Businesses

The Concept of Pre-Mortem

I recently read an interview on Michael Mauboussin conducted by The Motley Fool. Michael Mauboussin is the chief investment strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management. In the interview, Mauboussin discussed something new that I have never come across before. It is the concept of "pre-mortem". That particular section of the interview is as below: Gardner (interviewer): The third one actually, … Continue reading The Concept of Pre-Mortem

Coffee with FFN and Wan

Wan Hsin Hun, a Singaporean full-time investor, previously held positions as a business and markets journalist in regional private and global public companies, following a post as a government political analyst. He also held jobs delivering goods, manning the cash register, and serving food, aside from doing military service. Asset ownership and accumulation, the reinvestment … Continue reading Coffee with FFN and Wan

Mary Buffett at Asian Value Investing Conference 2012

Over the weekend, on 8th September 2012, I had the chance to meet Mary Buffett and listen to her talk about value investing at the Asian Value Investing Conference 2012. Thanks to my friend, Sean Seah, that I got a free Gold ticket to the event (lunch was provided as well!). Both Sean Seah and Mary Buffett … Continue reading Mary Buffett at Asian Value Investing Conference 2012