Competitive Advantage That Goes Obsolete?

Stocks with wide moat are companies that have "something" that keeps competitors at bay and allows the business to earn supernormal profits. The term came about from the water-filled moats that surrounded castles of the Middle Ages (like the photo above). The wider the moat, the harder it would be for an adversary to penetrate the castle. … Continue reading Competitive Advantage That Goes Obsolete?

Coffee With FFN and “The 21 Year-Old Investor”

This interview involves a 21 year-old investor (he prefers not to reveal himself) who has discovered his undying passion in investing and believes in the value investment philosophy. He likes to buy excellent businesses that are able to compound their earnings over a long period of time. He runs his own investment blog and frequents … Continue reading Coffee With FFN and “The 21 Year-Old Investor”

Investing in Airline Companies – A “Terrorific” Idea

At the end of last month, Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced that it will buy 20 new Airbus 350s and five new Airbus 380s valued at US$7.5 billion (S$9.2 billion). Deliveries will begin in 2017. The last huge capital outlay was in June 2006 when it bought 29 planes worth the same amount of US$7.5 billion. US$7.5 billion … Continue reading Investing in Airline Companies – A “Terrorific” Idea