Warren Buffett Starring in an Commercial

Warren Buffett has to be the coolest guy around! In this commercial for Nebraska Furniture Mart, he stars as a mattress salesman and he is really funny at that!

Kingsmen – Let’s Be Rational

Kingsmen Creatives has been embroiled in financial abnormalities involving two subsidiaries, Kingsmen Kingsmen Beijing Co., Ltd and Kingsmen Exhibits Pte. Ltd. A statement was released by the company yesterday morning at 0725 after four days of trading halt. The case has since been reported to the Minister of Finance according to the Companies Act, by the external auditors of the … Continue reading Kingsmen – Let’s Be Rational

Coffee With FFN and Ken Tan

Ken Tan was a Senior Regional Sales Consultant for one of the world's leading strategic research company. He won "Most Dedicated Salesperson of the Year" awards in 2010 and 2011 consecutively. He takes charge of overseas client accounts spanning across Asia-Pacific such as Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India. Currently, he is an avid Investor with … Continue reading Coffee With FFN and Ken Tan

Early 2013 Update of “2008/2009 Bottom Fishing” Portfolio

This post is an update of the previous post made in mid-2012. Below is the latest portfolio as of 11th Jan 2013: Cerebos (ticker: C20) has since been delisted at $6.60. The "buying" price was at $2.30. Returns on this company alone was 187%. Overall portfolio returns, with Cerebos included, was 301.66% instead of 312.54% as … Continue reading Early 2013 Update of “2008/2009 Bottom Fishing” Portfolio

Information Rules

"Information Rules" is a competitive strategy framework articulated by economists Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian in their book of the same title released in 1999. The framework concerns companies in the knowledge industry that produce information products like software, recorded music and proprietary networks. The following aspects help to evaluate a knowledge company's competitive advantage: High up-front, … Continue reading Information Rules