Book Review – “See’s Famous Old Time Candies”

I was lucky to have chanced upon this book when I was searching for another book in the National Library. This is a book written by Margaret Moos Pick. This book touches on the history of the famous See’s Candies, the quality culture in the company and many other fun facts.

The book was so interesting that I read it in one sitting. The whole book is in colour and it is filled up pages and pages of photos of chocolates. It was so enticing. I took some photos of the book as shown below:

2013-06-14_18-11-37_676 2013-06-14_18-11-53_386 2013-06-14_18-12-55_337 2013-06-14_18-13-16_907 2013-06-14_18-13-29_697 2013-06-14_18-13-48_901 2013-06-14_18-15-12_992 2013-06-14_18-15-30_71 2013-06-14_18-15-45_190 2013-06-14_18-17-16_874

After reading the book, I was craving for some See’s Candies. I went to their official website and saw that they post to Singapore with a shipping fee of US$25. I’m so going to order them!

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