Staying Connected Despite the Distractions

Hearing the world go by…

Today, I just decided to take the morning time off to spend time with myself. So after sending my son to school, I went to the nearby park to take a walk and decided to meditate using the Calm app.

I found a bench, played today’s Daily Calm – Bubbles, closed my eyes, and started meditating.

View from where I was seated

It was my first meditating in a public space so it’s a totally brand new experience for me.

Upon closing my eyes and meditating, I realised there were lots of distractions, especially with fellow parkgoers doing their morning jogs and walks.

My mind wandered every now and then.

I also thought to myself — “What would the park goers think I was doing?”

But each time the mind wandered, I told the mind the come back to the moment and concentrate on my breath.

Soon thereafter, the meditation ended and I felt refreshed after that.

From this experience, I realised that even with the eyes open as I go about my daily life, my mind gets distracted. So it’s no different with closing my eyes and hearing the world go by in the park.

I felt more in control of my mind after the meditation exercise.