7 Singapore Companies From Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2022 List

A look at Singapore companies from Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2022 list.

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Forbes Asia has released its annual Best Under A Billion list for 2022.

The list highlights 200 Asia-Pacific listed companies with less than US$1 billion in revenue and consistent growth in both their top- and bottom-lines.

The companies were chosen based on many factors, including their debt, sales and earnings per share growth, and average returns on equity.

Seven companies were chosen from Singapore and they are:

  1. Eggriculture Foods Ltd (HKG: 8609)
  2. Grand Venture Technology Ltd (SGX: JLB)
  3. Koda Ltd (SGX: BJZ)
  4. Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd (SGX: 5DD)
  5. Nordic Group Ltd (SGX: MR7)
  6. The Hour Glass Ltd (SGX: AGS)
  7. UMS Holdings Limited (SGX: 558)

The biggest company among the list (in terms of market capitalisation) is The Hour Glass.

The Hour Glass is a luxury watch boutique that opened its first store in 1979 in Singapore. It has since expanded its presence to a combined network of 50 boutiques in the Asia Pacific region.

For FY2022 (financial year ended 31 March 2022), the company’s top-line increased by 39% year-on-year, crossing the S$1 billion mark to S$1.03 billion. Meanwhile, its profit after taxation soared 88% to $154.7 million.

The luxury watch purveyor said that customer demand for mechanical watches has been increasing and deepening over the past few years. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, interest in watches didn’t wane. The Hour Glass believes that the fascination with high-quality mechanical watches will continue in the years to come.

Source: Forbes

Being chosen to be featured in the Forbes Asia list is not easy, but that doesn’t make any of the company a sure-win investment.

Such lists can help to generate investment ideas for our stock portfolios. However, it’s up to us to do our due diligence on the companies before investing our hard-earned money them.

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Disclaimer: This information provided in this article is purely based on my opinions and is not intended to be personalised investment advice. The ideas discussed here are not recommendations to buy/sell any stock. The writer Sudhan P owns shares in Micro-Mechanics.

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