We Are More Powerful Than We Think We Are

2 episodes, 2 brief moments, 1 lesson.

“Daddy, that’s a policeman!” shouted my three-year-old son (V) to my wife and me, as we were waiting for our taxi to arrive at Terminal 2 of the Singapore Changi Airport.

“Shall we go and say Hi?” my wife asked V.

Without hesitation, V dragged his mother to the two armed policemen and waved “Hello!” at them.

The policemen reciprocated with a smile and a wave.

A ponytailed girl was playing with her brother at the playground as I was walking back home in my Navy No. 4 after ending my in-camp training (ICT) for the day.

“Are you a soldier?”, the young girl, who looked like she was around five years of age, blurted out innocently.

“Yes”, I said, proudly.

After a while, she waved me goodbye.

Two separate episodes. Two brief moments.

But both powerful.

As a father, I felt happy that the policeman made my son’s day, when he could have chosen to ignore.

As an uniformed personnel who wears my No. 4 only once a year during ICT, I felt elated to make the girl happy, when I could have just walked as if I didn’t hear anything.

Sometimes, we don’t need to do much to make a fellow human being happy — we just need to be present and reciprocate.

Author: Sudhan P

I simplify investing concepts to help you navigate the stock market jungle.

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