7 Singapore Companies From Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2022 List

A look at Singapore companies from Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2022 list.

How to Keep Away From Muddy Waters?

The commotion surrounding Muddy Waters and Olam has been the latest talk of the town. Muddy Waters said that Olam has accounting discrepancies and it has since released a 133-page report on why it feels as such. Olam retorted and defended itself in a 45-page report. Muddy Waters has said in its report that Olam is … Continue reading How to Keep Away From Muddy Waters?

Tiger Got Mauled

Tiger Airways has been banned from flying until next Saturday in Australia, following a serious safety breach on Thursday. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau confirmed it was investigating the latest incident at Avalon Airport, near Geelong, on Thursday night in which a plane is understood to have dropped 900ft below the 2500ft safe minimum height. Tiger has … Continue reading Tiger Got Mauled

Artivision or Dudivision?

Many who have been following the stock market closely since May would know about Artivision. They released a news on 15th May saying the company has made a Facebook application called Advision which is a revenue-sharing application that displays advertisement on videos and still photographs uploaded by users of Facebook. The share price has been volatile for … Continue reading Artivision or Dudivision?