Different Scores to Filter Companies

We can filter companies using various scores such as Piotroski F-score, Altman Z-score, Beneish M-score and Montier C-score. In this post, we will look into the scores to identify certain companies. Piotroski F-score F-score was developed by Joseph Piotroski. It is used to spot turnaround companies fast and also to identify the healthiest company among a … Continue reading Different Scores to Filter Companies

Investments risky? Saving in a bank is “riskier”

Last week, I was watching a drama show on TV and in a particular scene, the husband and wife were talking about investments. The husband said his friend is making $10,000 a month on top of his regular office hours job. He said his friend asked him to invest with him. The problem was that … Continue reading Investments risky? Saving in a bank is “riskier”

3 Essential Things for a Meaningful Kitty

Many of us want to retire comfortably, retire rich and retire without having to worry about money anymore. For a meaningful retirement, we must have a substantial amount of money to tide us through our retirement years. Even for short-term goals such as to finance a house, finance your child's education or to finance a … Continue reading 3 Essential Things for a Meaningful Kitty