About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Sudhan Purushothuman. Thank you for dropping by my personal website. You may have seen me on The Motley Fool Singapore and Seedly.

I’ve been an investor of businesses listed on the stock market for over a decade now. I’m a huge advocate of investor education and I believe in the act of paying it forward.

To help fellow Singaporeans learn about investing, I co-authored a best-selling Singapore-themed stock market investment book, “Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide to Investing” in 2014 together with two other good friends of mine — Chong Ser Jing and Ting Wei Lin.

I’m currently the Head of Content Strategy at MoneyWiseSmart. Previously, I worked at Seedly as a Senior Investment Lead and the now-defunct The Motley Fool Singapore as an Investment Writer and Analyst. 

I’ve been featured on traditional media platforms such as 938NOW, Money FM 89.3, Oli 96.8FM, and Tamil Murasu discussing personal finance and investing.

My articles and opinions have also appeared on online media platforms such as AsiaOne, Investor-One, and Yahoo! Finance.

On my website here (previously known as financiallyfreenow.wordpress.com), I talk about things that matter to me, including my thoughts on personal finance, investing, mindfulness, and family. I hope that through my sharing I can help others in their life journey as well.

Throughout my personal blogging and career journey, I’ve written over 2,000 articles and counting. 

You can connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email. 

Disclaimer: This blog is purely based on my opinions and it serves as a personal diary. So don’t take anything you read on my blog as holy grail or personalised investment advice. The ideas discussed in this blog are not recommendations to buy/sell any stock. Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before investing in any product.

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m also striving towards Financial freedom. I’m in my early thirties. Still far from my goal.

    I’m curious to know what your FF plan is.

    My 1st target is $4k /month passive cash flow. This is to allow my wife to stop working at a salaried job.

  2. Dude! i like your site for sharing value to others. I am one who appreciate it alot, i was trying to find a great book and seminar about investing, then i stumble to your site. Keep it coming, especially the segment “coffee-talk with…”
    some pieces of thought i have is, maybe you could include some reviews or recommend about the invest/trading seminar, or some book you find it is worthwhile reading it and why.
    continue the good work dude

      1. yes, those book did help me understand in someway, in fact i owe some of them, but some of them i feel does not effective apply in local, and well, hard to understand, as i am newbie and slow learner. Guess i am much more a learn from action type of person rather than reading. That why i thought; you as a experience investor, i hope you could give some insight on some of the seminar. :)
        I realize the book you recommend mostly are for stock.
        Well.. maybe you could introduce real estate, trading or financial type of book e.g will be rich dad or book by donald trump or local ismail gafoor?
        Sorry, i am only giving suggestion, hope you won’t get offended :)

        all the best and keep it coming dude!

      2. Hi Joker,

        I’m more into stocks and not into property at the moment. So, I can’t recommend books for properties. You can read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” though. That’s the book that started me off. As for recommended courses, you can look into Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy seminar for both personal finance and stock investment.

  3. Thank alot for your recommendation, but i already sign up for M.I.P, and hope it do hope it value compare to other seminar. :)

      1. I already attend different free workshop from ken and others. Your blog kinda of let me decide which workshop to go to by looking what they had say. Thank. May you and me one day be financial free and enjoy the finest of life :)

  4. Read your blog and found it interesting.
    Any way to include a twitter so that I can follow your posts more easily?

    1. Hi P,

      Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog.

      Sorry currently I don’t use Twitter. To be updated about my latest posts, you can subscribe to my blog on the right in the main page under “Email Subscription” where it says “Click to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” Thank you for your support!

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