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I’m Sudhan Purushothuman and you may have seen me on The Motley Fool Singapore and Seedly.

I’ve been an investor of businesses listed on the stock market for over a decade now. I’m a huge advocate of investor education and I believe in the act of paying it forward.

To help fellow Singaporeans learn about investing, I co-authored a best-selling Singapore-themed stock market investment book, “Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide to Investing” in 2014 together with two other good friends of mine — Chong Ser Jing and Ting Wei Lin.

If you wish to understand how I invest and my investment philosophy, you can jump in here.

To know more about me and how you can contact me, you can head here.

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What Readers Say

I’ve known Sudhan for many years and enjoyed countless hours of investing discussions with him. He’s an extremely knowledgeable investor, with a flexible mindset to investing that’s rare to see. Talking to Sudhan has definitely made me a smarter investor.

Chong Ser Jing (Co-founder of The Good Investors blog and Compounder Fund)

I read Sudhan’s investment articles avidly and have gained a lot of insightful knowledge about investing. He generously shared great finance tips with me and is knowledgeable in his field. There are many good investors, but few were able to explain financial terms in a way that I could understand. And Sudhan is definitely one … Continue reading “Cynthia Tan (Nurse)”

Cynthia Tan (Nurse)

I’ve been following Sudhan’s writings over the past decade. Knowledge, passion and a genuine interest in achieving the best for those around him is how I could possibly describe him. What truly strikes me is Sudhan’s thought pieces are able to show his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and most importantly, putting across complex financial … Continue reading “Daryl Wilfred (Regional Marketing & Communications Manager at ABB Marine & Ports)”

Daryl Wilfred (Regional Marketing & Communications Manager at ABB Marine & Ports)

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