Joshua Kenneth Louis (Nurse)

I read Sudhan’s investment articles from his days in the Motley Fool Singapore to his time at Seedly. His articles are insightful to someone getting started.

I connected with him on LinkedIn and he generously shared ideas and resources with me. Investing can be very lonely akin to watching grass grow.

I look forward to cultivating the connection as capable individuals are crucial and scarce.

Cynthia Tan (Nurse)

I read Sudhan’s investment articles avidly and have gained a lot of insightful knowledge about investing.

He generously shared great finance tips with me and is knowledgeable in his field.

There are many good investors, but few were able to explain financial terms in a way that I could understand. And Sudhan is definitely one of the few!

Wan Hsin Hun (Full-time Investor)

Sudhan is adept at presenting personal finance and investing in an accessible, succinct manner, underpinned by careful research and deep thought. His lucid text often comes with the smart use of visuals.

He provides sharp insights not only as an individual well-versed in the subject of money, but as a credible content creator with actual, long experience in the markets. Many will find great value in his work, as have I.