P/E ratio of STI

The P/E ratio of STI is currently at 12.42. One can obtain the P/E ratio from either Business Times Weekend edition or Bloomberg (need to create account for this).

STI is currently undervalued according to P/E ratio. I have included a historical P/E ratio chart as below as well.

Author: Sudhan P

I simplify investing concepts to help you navigate the stock market jungle.

14 thoughts on “P/E ratio of STI”

  1. Hi,

    What value of P/E do you think is considered ‘fair’ for STI stocks? The rule of thumb (usually for S&P) is 15 but from your readings, is it true for STI as well?

  2. Hi,

    Have created a profile in Bloomberg, but don’t know where to look for the P/E ratio for STI. Can you help?


    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog!

      After you login to Bloomberg, click on “Portfolios” on the top right-hand corner. Then, click on “Watchlist” -> “Edit” -> type in “FSSTI:IND” under symbol -> “Save changes” on top-right -> Then click on “Earnings and Growth” and the P/E ratio will be there.

      Hope this helps =)

      1. Hi,

        How do I get the historical P/E data?

        I tried Bloomberg, but it seems they only have the current P/E..

      2. Hi,

        I don’t know of any sites to get historical P/E data for STI. Pls let me know if you know of any sites. However, for S&P, you can google it and get it easily.


  3. Hi FFN,

    Thanks for helping us find the PE of indices.
    Could you please tell me what the codes for Dow Jones Industrial, S&P500 and Nasdaq are, for typing into Bloomberg portfolio?


    1. Hi Heng,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! The codes are as follows:

      SPX:IND – S&P 500
      INDU:IND – Dow Jones
      CCMP:IND – Nasdaq

      Actually you can find the quotes by typing the full form in the “search” function at top-right hand corner without pressing “enter”. The codes will just pop out as you begin typing.

      Hope it helps. Cheers!

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