Kingsmen at Invest Fair 2012

I was at Invest Fair 2012 today and heard Andrew Cheng, Group General Manager of Kingsmen, give a talk entitled “Experiencing Kingsmen”. I took away some important key pointers and they are summarised below:

  • Kingsmen was involved in Hollywood Dreams Parade in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and were also largely involved in the show choreography. A new area of business for Kingsmen might be show production.
  • Kingsmen did the Visit Britain 3D installation in Singapore, Khalifa Observatory Gallery in UAE, Transformers Retail and F&B Outlet in USS, etc in the past year
  • Current works-in-progress include Interpretive Media in Gardens By The Bay, Fushun Dreamworld, Hongkong Disneyland, Ocean Kingdom, Imagic
  • Pitching for Disneyland Shanghai, Money Kingdom Beijing, etc
  • Barriers to entry to this business is low. Any staff of Kingsmen can resign and easily start a business like Kingsmen. However, the question is can the new competitor prise away the high end clients that are being served by Kingsmen currently. Kingsmen has scalability too.
  • Margins for the theme parks business should get better moving forward as Kingsmen is past the learning curve that it was hit by when it was first involved in USS
  • If they were to do merger and acquisition, it will involve companies that are into areas that Kingsmen is currently not into

A video of the Hollywood Dreams Parade that Kingsmen was involved in:

The following photos are courtesy of Musicwhiz:

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