Adampak – Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

This morning, at 8.30am, I dropped a pink envelope into the Singpost letterbox. Contained in the pink envelope was the acceptance letter to sell off my Adampak stake to Navis Capital. Navis made an offer to buy over Adampak at $0.42/share. My initial plan was to wait out till around 24th May to accept the … Continue reading Adampak – Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

BREAKING NEWS: Adampak to be acquired by Navis Capital

Just hot off the press - Adampak has been offered to be bought over by Navis Capital at $0.42/share (Offer Price). Current market price is at $0.345. This is a premium of 21.7%. For more information, check out the SGX announcement. Adampak has been halted from trading since 30th March 2012, pending this announcement. Trading is still … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Adampak to be acquired by Navis Capital

Adampak SWOT Analysis

Strengths Good numbers and better than Brady’s (better NPM, ROE, ROA, div yield, lower PE than industry) Barriers to entry - stringent requirements; strong relationship with clients (Seagate, Maxtor, HP, WD) and clients want reliability; established track record Integrated capabilities and production facilities 70% repeat customers Management holds around 40% of company Experience of management … Continue reading Adampak SWOT Analysis