FFN’s Stock Watchlist for 2012

The clock has struck midnight! Happy 2012! May this year brings lots of happiness, blessings and wealth to you! For this year, I'm watching a few stocks keenly and waiting for Mr Market to get maniac depressant to bring the price of these stocks down further. Those stocks are: ARA SIAEC Raffles Medical Cerebos Super Group Goodpack OKP … Continue reading FFN’s Stock Watchlist for 2012

Lessons learnt from Aug – Oct 2011

The period from August 2011 to October 2011 was an eventful one for investors worldwide. US credit rating got downgraded, Europe was reeling into a recession (and still might be), talks of hard landing in China, among others, covered the financial pages of newspapers everywhere. The VIX index (measurement of volatility in the S&P 500 … Continue reading Lessons learnt from Aug – Oct 2011