A Tribute to Valuebuddies Forum

Valuebuddies forum is a forum where everything pertaining to personal finance and value investing is discussed. It brings about like-minded individuals to discuss on stocks and it allows ideas to bounce around. This post is a special tribute to this wonderful forum where I got to learn about many companies listed in Singapore. I came to know about Valuebuddies forum after Afralug forum (predecessor of Valuebuddies forum) closed down. I cannot remember how I came to know about Afralug but I knew about it back in 2009. It was in Afralug that I got to know about amazing companies such as Thomson Medical Centre and Kingsmen. Thomson Medical Centre has been privatized since. In the new Valuebuddies forum that started in 2010 (I think), I came to know about more amazing companies such as Vicom and Adampak. I’m really grateful to all the moderators and people who run this Valuebuddies forum and also those who ran the Afralug forum. I’m also thankful for every single one of the contributors who have bounced around ideas and I have learnt a lot about investing from visiting this forum and by reading the threads. I’m especially thankful to dydx who has unearthed many wonderful gems and has shared it instead of keeping them to himself and profiting from them alone. I got to know many, if not all, of the companies stated above from dydx’s posts. Those who are not members of this forum, you are missing out on a lot. Do join this forum immediately and you will never know what will find learn from this forum. Those new to value investing benefit a lot from joining such forums as it will bring down your learning curve and interaction with more experienced members will definitely leapfrog you in terms of knowledge gained. Don’t be afraid of asking “noob” questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. The only stupid question is the question you didn’t ask.

Author: Sudhan P

I simplify investing concepts to help you navigate the stock market jungle.

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